Stem Wall Foundation

Stem Wall Foundation Repair in San Antonio, TX

A Stem wall is a common foundation used in houses with crawl spaces, either vented or unvented. An  easy way to explain stem wall is the part of the foundation of a home between the floor level and ground level.

A stem wall is very similar to a monolithic slab, but the footings and foundation walls are established first, and then the area is backfilled and tamped before the slab is poured.

A home’s stem wall attaches the walls of the home to the foundation. Given enough time and the right conditions, many stem walls will fail regardless of how well they were constructed. Variables such as moisture may cause oxidation of the rebar contained within the home’s stem wall.

Fractured foundation stem walls are an indication that the rebar reinforcement within the structure has corroded. The initial reaction of corrosion or rust on steel is an expansion, thereby fracturing the concrete from the inside. This failure compromises the structural integrity of the foundation.

At first glance, a foundation problem may seem like an extreme problem. However, if you identify the damage before it becomes too advanced, most foundation issues have simple, permanent solutions.

Expert Stem Wall Foundation Repair

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