Concrete Slab Repair

Concrete Slab Repair San Antonio, TX

Does your home or commercial building have sinking slabs, foundation settlement, cracked stem walls, or other types of concrete or structural damage?

Discovering concrete cracks in your home can be distressing. Even the smallest crack may be a warning sign for major foundation damage.

At PHL Foundation Repair, we have more than 25 years of experience in foundation repair, and we have the expertise necessary to tell the difference between a minor aesthetic problem and foundation deterioration.

Many things can cause cracks in your foundation. The most common of these is water damage. A change in the amount of moisture in the soil surrounding your home can cause it to shrink or swell, which leads to movement in your foundation.

No matter the cause of your concrete cracks, we can help. We also provide our customers with a completely free quote for any recommended repair, so there is no reason not to call and have an experienced professional inspect the damage before it gets worse.

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 We offer permanent concrete repair solutions, including stem wall repair, cracked concrete stitching, foundation repair, and slab leveling services. Call (210) 899-0454 to schedule your free inspection today.

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