Foundation Skirting

Foundation Skirting Installation

There are several options for foundation skirting that can help update your home, increase your curb appeal, and potentially increase your home value.

The most common reason homeowners install foundation skirting is to keep pests out. Still, the most important benefit of adding foundation skirting is that it prevents water from entering the crawl space and affecting the soil underneath your house.

Skirting uses a thin layer of material, usually plastic, vinyl, wood, or even concrete, to create a perimeter around the crawl space. This thin layer is inserted several feet into the ground and prevents water from seepage into the foundation soil.

In addition, to preventing water damage, it can serve as insulation and help decrease your electric and heating bill.

There are many foundation skirting solutions to choose from. Our trusted team of professionals is here to help you. We will answer all your questions and customize the perfect skirting solution for your home.

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