Pier & Beam

Pier & Beam Foundation Repairs

We provide pier & beam foundation repairs in San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Kerrville & the surrounding cities

Over time, the foundation of your home can shift or deteriorate. So if your foundation is underneath your building, how do you know if it’s deteriorating? Here are a few warning signs that you may need foundation repairs:
  • Uneven floors 
  • Cracks in exterior or interior bricks 
  • Cracked moldings 
  • Wall rotation 
  • Cracks in walls or bowing of the walls 
  • Doors and windows that will not open or close properly 
  • Separation of door jams and windows 
  • Spaces between walls and ceilings or floors 
  • Walls separating from the house
If you notice any of these signs, please contact us immediately. At PHL Foundation Repair, we’re able to assess and repair foundations of all types. In fact, we specialize in pier and beam foundation repair. 

Foundation Repairs & House Leveling

Investigating the areas underneath your home is just the beginning. Older homes often have original footings installed at different depths because of different soil conditions. So it is important to do a test excavation to check this depth (sometimes 2ft to 6ft) so that a more accurate estimate can be made for you.

After reporting our findings to you, we’ll recommend repairs. No matter how minor or extensive, PHL Foundation Repair can take care of the repairs. If the wooden beams are deteriorating, we can repair specific beams. In cases of shifting soil, we can complete house leveling.

We never install cinder blocks and shims or any type of pier that sits on the ground surface underneath the home. Why? Because that kind of repair does not work, and it will fail 100% of the time. For a job done right the first time, call in the pros; contact PHL Foundation Repair.
Pier Installation
Often, other contractors choose PHL Foundation Repair to complete specific work only we can do. One of these services includes pier installation. We have experience with installing all kinds of piers, including:
  • Concrete Piers 
  • Cedar Posts 
  • Steel Piers 
  • Drilled Piers 
  • Press Cylinders

For these services and more, contact PHL Foundation Repair to schedule an estimate. Call 830-995-2076.
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